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Replacing the lowly manual broom in versatility, total functionality and cleaning capacity, the vacuum cleaner has proven itself to be the modern homemaker’s best friend. Despite the unquestionable usefulness of this type of equipment, the vacuum cleaner is one of those things that is quite difficult to make a decision on, what with the many features, brands and price points to think about. These are the essential elements to look at seriously when deciding what’s the best vacuum cleaner on the market in 2018.


Is the right type for your needs

An upright vacuum cleaner is less pricey than a canister model, aside from providing a wider cleaning path. Best for carpet deep cleaning, this type tends to be heavy and noisy compared to canister vacs. A canister vacuum is best for bare floor, drapes, stairs, upholstery and under furniture cleaning. It can even offer the same performance at cleaning carpets as uprights but its relatively bulkier build can be an issue.

Constructed with a powerhead, tall handle and body, a stick vacuum cleaner is lightweight and convenient especially for the cleanup of quick messes. It will not outperform or even be a replacement for a full-size vacuum in carpet cleaning but it is more suited for surface litter pickup. A handheld vacuum cleaner can either be corded or cordless. Perfect for quick, light surface cleaning on bare floors and short-pile carpets, some handhelds can also work on pet hair stuck on upholstery and on car interiors.

The robotic vacuum lets you put your feet up and take it easy while it does the cleaning. Best used in uncluttered rooms, a robotic vacuum delivers touchup cleaning between regular manual vacuumings. It is not designed for deep cleaning. A central vacuum cleaner has no vacuum body to be pulled along so it’s much easier to use than a canister. It needs to be professionally installed.


Has a suitable dirt collection system for your purpose

Both bagged and bagless models have been tested to provide the same cleaning performance as each other. It all boils down to personal preference when choosing between the two. Bagless models eliminate the need to purchase replacement bags, a repeated expense. However, the dirt bin can be messy to empty. The dust receptacle and filters also need to be kept clean. The HEPA filters in some bagless models are even as expensive as the bags in bagged machines. Bagged models make it difficult to retrieve small objects that are accidentally sucked up.


Comes with features you love

A model with the highest horsepower, amperage or wattage rating isn’t necessarily the best performing one. All things being equal, it is the suction power or airflow of the vacuum cleaner that plays a bigger role in ensuring optimum cleaning performance. Suction is often supplemented with a motorized brush, which proves to be useful for dirt pickup. The machine should have a switch that deactivates the brush to protect bare floor finishes while preventing the debris from getting scattered. Do check out machines with a manual carpet pile-height adjustment control for customized carpet cleaning. Some models also feature suction control for handling draperies and similar delicate fabrics. If machine-generated noise is an issue, you may prefer canisters, which are quieter than uprights.

For rugs and pile carpets, you will find a motorized power nozzle to be highly useful. A floor/wall brush is best for cleaning bare floors and walls. A crevice tool is perfect for tight or confined and hard-to-reach areas. An upholstery attachment is useful for cleaning car interiors, curtains, upholstered fabrics and mattresses. For removal of dust on lampshades, blinds and mouldings, use the dusting brush.


There are plenty of brands and models of vacuum cleaners on the market, which can make the buying decision more complicated. Consult the buying guide above for important points to consider in this kind of equipment. We have also highlighted the best products in the paragraphs below for even more help.



Top 3 products



Shark Navigator NV356E


1-shark-navigator-nv356eConsidered by many as the best domestic vacuum cleaner on the market, the Shark Navigator NV356E is outfitted with a lightweight, extra-large capacity portable canister that can be detached easily to allow above floor cleaning. Engineered with revolutionary Never Loses Suction Technology, this vacuum cleaner provides consistent cleaning power.

It also boasts the Anti-Allergen Complete Seal Technology + HEPA filter to ensure safety from allergens or asthma-triggering elements because of the way the technology and the filter trap nearly 100 percent of microscopic particulates.

The Dust-Away Attachment comes with a pair of microfiber pads to work with the machine’s powerful suction and a soft pad to capture large particles as well as dust bare floors in a single step. This machine comes with swivel steering to provide remarkable control when going around the home.

The motorized brushroll switches on and off to ensure optimum performance from carpet to floor and vice versa. This model ships with a dusting brush, pet power brush and crevice tool to ensure versatile cleaning all over the home.

Buy from Amazon.com for ($179.99)




Hoover UH70120


2-hoover-uh70120If you’re looking for the best vacuum cleaners to buy, the Hoover UH70120 makes a great choice. Lightweight at just 16.5 pounds, this model is easy to use while providing deep cleaning power. The vacuum cleaner is equipped with proprietary Wind Tunnel technology that enables it to lift and take away surface debris along with deep down ingrained dirt.

The five-position carpet height adjustment allows you to adjust the height of the cleaning head to handle hard floors and carpets with ease and efficiency.

To make storage easy and clutter-free, this model comes with a Cord Rewind feature so the 25-foot cord is kept organized during storage and when the vacuum cleaner is not in use. The machine comes with an Extension Wand to lengthen the reach of the 8-foot hose and enable it to get to those hard-to-access areas.

The included crevice tool works on dirt in crevices and cracks for in and out cleaning. Moreover, the Air Powered hand tool of this bagless model enables hassle-free cleaning of stairs and furniture. For cleaning furniture surfaces, vents and other decor, use the convenient dusting/upholstery brush.

Buy from Amazon.com for ($99)




BISSELL CleanView 1330


3-bissell-cleanviewA frequent favorite in the best vacuum cleaner reviews in 2018, the BISSELL CleanView 1330 comes with the revolutionary OnePass Technology that delivers powerful, nonstop suction supplemented by an innovative brush design to sweep well on the initial pass. The unit also comes with everything you need for thorough cleaning including a TurboBrush Tool, Bottom Easy Empty Dirt Tank, and Washable Foam Tank Filter.

All those components contribute to consistent cleaning results. In addition, a crevice tool is also included inside the extension wand. The tool proves to be useful for cleaning crevices, corners or tight areas.

The machine offers multi-level filtration which helps minimize the spread of household allergens. This machine boasts an exclusive powerful Cyclonic System to perform its cleaning task. The system delivers a reliably powerful, lasting suction to handle dirt and debris.

Thanks to the long 25-foot power cord, you won’t need an extension cord or to transfer to another outlet just to go around the room vacuuming.

Buy from Amazon.com for ($79.99)




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