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Vacuum cleaners are great for cleaning your home, but if you want to have clean air and not just clean floors, you will need a model equipped with a HEPA filter. HEPA stands for High Efficiency Particulate Air and it is a special type of filter that catches 99.7% of all the allergens stuck into your carpets, floors and upholstery. People who have asthma or suffer from various allergies can take advantage of such a unit. We are here to offer you some useful information on how to pick the best vacuum cleaner with HEPA filter in 2018.


Powerful suction

When you are shopping for a vacuum cleaner, the best strategy is to start by narrowing down your search, focusing on models that come equipped with powerful suction technologies. Vacuum cleaners have come a long way since they were first introduced to the market, more than a century ago, and there are now all kinds of advanced technologies employed on these devices to help you draw all the dirt and dust from your carpets, floors, stairs and so on.


Adjustments and accessories

While a HEPA filter does a really great job at filtering all the allergens from your home, you need all kinds of accessories and adjustments attached to your vacuum cleaner, in order to do a thorough job. For instance, carpet height adjustments allow you to clean with the same efficiency carpet, low rugs, and bare floors. A crevice tool is a handy accessory for detail cleaning and a dusting brush for cleaning vents is also useful.


Ease of use

Do not forget that a vacuum cleaner is supposed to help you, not put you to extra work, so ease of use is paramount. Check any model you review for features like a quick release dirt cup and a long cord if it is a corded model you are after.

The best vacuum cleaners with HEPA filter currently available are listed below.



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Hoover UH70120 


1-hoover-uh70120Buyers everywhere agree that this is the best upright vacuum cleaner with HEPA filter you can currently find. This model is lightweight and easy to use, while providing you with great cleaning power. Equipped with the special Wind Tunnel technology, this vacuum cleaner is capable of cleaning even the dirt embedded into your carpets.

If you are truly looking for thorough cleaning power, this is the tool you should get. It comes with 5 level adjustments for the brush, so you can successfully clean carpets, rugs, and bare floors.

The 25 foot cord is really generous and you can move from one room to another, without having to plug and unplug the unit all the time.

A wide range of accessories completes this great product; the crevice tool will help you reach the most difficult to clean spots and the air powered hand tool is ideal for cleaning stairs. The upholstery tool is great for cleaning furniture and vents.


Buy from for ($99)






2-vonhaus-600wThis is an adequate model for cleaning your home and maintaining it free of allergens, like dust and mold. Its HEPA filter takes care of the air quality in your environment, while the way this model is designed helps with a thorough cleaning from one corner of the house to another.

Its dust cup has a 1.2 liter capacity, which means that you will not have to empty it too often. Powerful by a 600 watt motor, it has enough suction power to deal even with stubborn embedded dirt.

You will surely appreciate the crevice tool that helps removing dirt and dust from cracks and tight spaces.

A small brush can be attached for turning the unit into a handheld cleaner, useful for cleaning furniture and upholstery, as well as other vertical areas. The power cord has 19.5 feet, making it easy for you to clean around.


Buy from for ($79.99)






3-bissell-1330The best vacuum cleaner reviews in 2018 include the BISSELL 1330 as a solid choice for anyone looking to have a clean home, free of allergens. This model comes with OnePass technology that guarantees nonstop suction. The brush design is also helpful for cleaning all the areas you want in just one pass.

That means less work for you and better results at the end. The dirt tank is easy to empty, so you will not have to worry about making a mess, right after you are done with the cleaning.

The TurboBrush tool helps you do a thorough job and the crevice tool is handy for cleaning more difficult to reach areas.

The lightweight design contributes to the popularity of this model, and there are many who consider it the best bagless vacuum cleaner with HEPA filter you can currently find on the market.


Buy from for ($79.99)




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