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There’s nothing quite like a vacuum cleaner designed to clean hardwood floors. This type of machine takes away the ‘ouch’ in the backbreaking task of floor cleaning. Because of the immense popularity of vacuum cleaners, the market has been crowded with different machines from various brands, spanning a variety of models that can make it difficult to distinguish which ones are really good and which are just going to end up in the closet. What really makes the best vacuum cleaner for hardwood floors in 2018 a top seller?


It offers the right type of cleaning for your needs.

For hard floor cleaning, you have a variety of vacuum cleaner types to choose from. A canister vacuum cleaner offers better performance compared to upright models when cleaning stairs, bare floors, drapes and upholstery, even under appliances and furniture. Some are even as good as uprights in carpet cleaning. A lot of canister vacs run quietly, with the independent power head making them somewhat lighter.

Upright machines are cheaper than canister vacs and also come with a wider cleaning path to enable you to finish the job faster. Bagged uprights are generally better at carpet deep cleaning and also offer hassle-free storage. Stick vacuum cleaners are similar to uprights with their handles and tall frames plus a powerhead. Plenty of them run on batteries and are lightweight, aside from offering quick mess cleaning. Some models offer versatility by incorporating handheld vacuuming functionality.

Handheld vacuum cleaners are miniature vacs that prove to be handy for quick and light surface cleaning on bare floors and short pile carpets, with some models able to handle pet hair caught on upholstery. Handhelds are pretty useful for cleaning car interiors. Robotic vacuum cleaners have become the latest fad in this product category since their introduction into the market in 1996. Allowing you to relax while it does the dirty work, a robotic vac is best used in rooms where there’s not too much clutter. A robovac should be able to maneuver its way out of tight spots and even around extension cords. You can even control some models using a smartphone app. More effortless to use than canister vacs, a central vacuum cleaner requires professional installation.


They offer convenience and ease-of-use.

You can choose between corded and cordless models. If you want to enjoy sustained power so you can finish the job quickly, a corded unit provides the ideal cleaning solution. You won’t have to worry about loss of suction when battery power runs low. However, cordless machines offer free mobility since you are not tethered to a socket. Just make sure the cordless machine has a dependable battery life and charging time of just 8 hours or less. It should be able to hold a charge even when put in storage.

Bagged models are great to use since you won’t have to empty anything over a garbage can, which prevents release of potential allergens and asthma-causing particles in the air. Bagless units, on the other hand, do not require repeated purchase of replacement bags. You want the dust bin to have an easy-empty design to reduce mess during disposal of collected dirt. Some models come with a washable filter.


They come with awesome features.

Aside from having an ability to clean a wider path with every pass, a top rated machine featured in the best cordless vacuum cleaner reviews in 2018 should be lightweight for effortless carrying up and down stairs and from one room to another. Non-marring wheels enable easy movement while preventing damage to the floor finish. Some top selling units come with a hose of tools and attachments including a crevice tool, a brush attachment, hose adaptor, extension wand, shoulder strap and quick-release power cord.


You can choose from a wide variety of vacuum cleaners on the market and though this fact can make your decision-making process less easy, you can just get information from the above buying guide to help you along. We have also showcased the best products below to help you make a smoother shopping journey.



Top 3 products





1-bissell-9595aThe BISSELL 9595A is a lightweight machine that ensures fast and easy cleaning of both carpet and hardwood floors, making it the best vacuum cleaner for hardwood floors and carpet. Delivering powerful suction, this machine is equipped with an innovative brush design that enables it to clean more with the first pass.

The revolutionary brush design rotates deep into the carpet fibers to draw out and suck more dirt into the dust bin for thorough cleaning. Employing a cutting-edge Cyclonic System, this machine delivers powerful and sustained suction to handle more dirt than its competitors.

To clean stairs, upholstery, furniture and more surfaces easily, use the supplied TurboBrush tool. Thanks to its Easy Empty dirt tank, this machine ensures less messy disposal of the collected dirt.

The Multi-Level Filtration capability ensures that allergy- and asthma-causing particulates do not get released back into the air to ensure clean air in the home as well. This model has been proven to remove most surface debris based on visual testing.

Buy from for ($79.99)




VonHaus EPT2


2-vonhaus-600wAmong the best upright vacuums for hardwood floors, the VonHaus EPT2 is one of the most pocket-friendly machines. This stick vac definitely gives full-size vacuum cleaners a run for the money, with its supplied extension tube that enables it to double as a traditional long vac or even as a handheld model for cleaning up quick messes around the home.

The machine is a lightweight unit you can use for cleaning drapes and furniture. The dust canister has a large 1.2-liter capacity so emptying is less frequent compared to other similar machines. 

Thanks to the sponge and HEPA filtration system, this model captures tiny particulates and holds them well to prevent recirculation back into the air, thus preventing the spread of allergy- and asthma-triggering elements that can make you sick.

The provided crevice tools enable easy access to areas that are otherwise difficult to reach. This 600-watt machine comes with a hose adapter to enable easy integration with the supplied tools.

Buy from for ($79.99)




BISSELL Lift-Off 53Y81


3-bissell-lift-off-floorsEssentially two machines in one, the BISSELL Lift-Off 53Y81 is easily the best cordless vacuum cleaner for hardwood floors. It can be used to clean up dry spills as well as problematic pet hair with the included pet hair nozzle. The machine can also clean stairs and upholstery thanks to its compact and lightweight design.

The built-in crevice tool simplifies the cleaning of areas that prove to be hard to reach. You can conveniently turn the brush roll on and off so moving to the floor from area rugs or low-pile carpets is effortless without allowing the collected dirt to escape or get scattered.

This model offers safe cleaning of all floor types. Thanks to its cordless design, this vacuum cleaner won’t restrict mobility so you can move around the room without being tethered to an electrical socket.

The two-way folding handle provides easy reach under and around furniture and other heavy objects. The flexible handle joint lets you clean off pet hair from hard-to-reach areas.

Buy from for ($69)




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