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Carpets are great to have in a home, they keep warm and they also look nice. Unfortunately, dirt and dust have a way of getting quite deep into the fabric of your carpets, and thorough cleaning is needed, if you want to have a clean environment. Getting a good and reliable vacuum cleaner definitely helps, but you need to know which models are the most capable when it comes to cleaning carpets. Our buying guide is intended to help you out on this matter.


Fast cleaning

The best vacuum cleaners for carpet in 2018 have one thing in common, and that is fast and powerful cleaning power. When you select a vacuum cleaner for your home, do not overlook the importance of a powerful motor. While in itself, a more powerful motor is not a sole guarantee that your vacuum cleaner will do a great job, it definitely helps. Combine this with a good design and plenty of accessories, and you will find the product you will want to spend money on.


Special brush design

If there is something that carpets can be difficult about when it comes to cleaning is the fact that dust and dirt can get buried deep into the fabric, making it really hard for anyone doing the cleaning to do a thorough job. That is why vacuum cleaners designed for cleaning carpets come with special brushes that rotate in such a manner that they can drive out all the embedded dirt and dust.



It is important that your vacuum cleaner is built for convenience. A long cord, ease of use and all the needed accessories for cleaning tough spots are just a few things you should have on your checklist. Also, it doesn’t hurt to check the best vacuum cleaners for carpet and hardwood floors, so you can clean your house in one go with great results.

The best vacuum cleaners for cleaning carpets now available are listed below.



Top 3 products





1-bissell-9595aThis lightweight vacuum cleaner comes equipped with superior suction power and its special brush design is sure to clean your carpets and floors in just one pass. Other vacuum cleaners may have you work hard and go over the same spot over and over again, but this is not the case with the BISSELL 9595A.

Its cyclonic system guarantees that you will not have to strain yourself or spend a long time cleaning, while its innovative brush rotates into the carpet in such a fashion that dirt and dust is easily taken out of your carpets and into the dustbin of your vacuum cleaner. Among its useful accessories, you will find one called TurboBrush that is designed for efficiently cleaning stairs, upholstery and furniture.

The dirt tank is easy to empty and the foam filter can be washed after each use. One of the best vacuum cleaners for thick carpets, this model clearly stands out from the crowd.


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Hoover UH72400 


2-hoover-uh72400Hoover is known to produce great vacuum cleaners and this model is no exception to the rule. Its Steerable technology ensures that you will be able to clean with ease around furniture and corners, just by twisting the handle as you see fit.

Ease of use clearly makes this one of the best vacuum cleaners for high pile carpet areas, but it is not all.

Weighing less than 14 pounds, it is more lightweight than other models on the market. Its WindTunnel 3 system deals with embedded dirt in an efficient manner and no speck of dust has a chance of surviving once you put your mind to it.

A great thing about this model is that its on and off brush system allows you to go from carpeted areas to bare floors instantly, so you can thoroughly clean the entire house without the need for an extra cleaning device.


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Dirt Devil UD20125B 


3-dirt-devil-ud20125bThe best vacuum cleaners for carpet reviews 2018 has so far published on specialized websites and online stores mention the Dirt Devil UD20125B as one of the best choices consumers can make. Equipped with everything one needs for cleaning an entire house, this model is very popular with consumers.

Its hard floor tool comes with a dusting pad that easily captures all the dirt from one edge to another. One thing people seem to love about this particular vacuum cleaner is the extended reach that lets you stretch enough to clean everything from floors to ceilings.

Its dirt cup as 1.5 liter capacity which is enough for one thorough cleaning without having to empty it. But what really contributes to the high efficiency of this model is the Cyclonic technology that greatly enhances suction power so that no trace of dirt and dust is left behind.


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