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For the perpetually busy individual, the fascination for the robotic vacuum can slowly turn into a full-blown love affair. This tiny machine allows you to put your feet up while it performs the dirty work-literally, so what’s there not to love? With the growing popularity of the robotic vacuum, plenty of manufacturers have introduced their own models into the market. As a consumer, how will you know which ones are genuinely the best robotic vacuum cleaners in 2018?


They deliver adequate suction power for acceptable carpet surface cleaning.

While it is true that robotic vacuums show plenty of potential in terms of technology use, including ingenious stair detection, sophisticated navigation software, and state-of-the-art dirt-sensing cameras, they still have a long way to go when it comes to outclassing full-size vacuum cleaners in terms of dirt suction capability, especially on carpets. This is especially reinforced by the fact that although robovacs provide acceptable surface cleaning capability, what they leave behind beneath the surface provides a reason to contest their effectiveness at cleaning. With time, dirt that accumulates deep below can eventually damage the pile. Now because of this, robovacs should only be used between heavy-duty cleaning routines using a full-size vac.

Even lower-priced models are able to pick up a fair amount of fuzz including pet hair, as well as some dirt, but the dirt left behind gets pushed deeper into the carpet fibers. A good quality robovac will essentially show a great amount of fluff and dirt in its bin, so use that as a measure of performance.


They are pretty good at hard floor cleaning.

If you don’t have a lot of carpeted surfaces in your home, the prospects are bright for using a robotic vacuum cleaner. Though they aren’t as great at handling edges and corners, most robovacs are great at hardwood floor cleaning. Amazingly, with the steady evolution of robotic vacuum cleaning technology, pet hair pickup has been an aspect that has improved measurably. A reasonable level of cleaning can be expected from robovacs when handling hard floors, particularly on a daily basis. However, you will still need to top the week off regularly with heavy-duty cleaning using a regular machine.


They come with some cool features.

Some models have a Virtual Wall accessory, which constructs an invisible barrier to effectively block off open doorways and other spaces you would prefer the machine not to get into. The Stair Detection feature is standard on nearly all robotic vacuums. It helps the machine tell when a step or ledge has been reached so it can back up and avoid tumbling down, thus preventing damage to its electronic circuitry. Plenty of models come with programmable cleaning times, which enable the user to determine what time of the week or day the unit should perform cleaning chores. This is convenient when you want the machine to run while you’re at work. Many robovacs are able to settle back into their charging stand and automatically dock when their battery life runs low.

Another nifty feature is remote controllability, for effortless directing of the machine around the room. This may seem pretty much like using a regular vacuum in itself, but remember that you wouldn’t have to be pushing and pulling and carrying a heavy machine around when using a robovac. Generally, robotic vacuums run quieter than full-size machines but there are some units that emit a high-pitched whistle while in operation, and other models even make a mechanical grinding noise. This may annoy curious pets or even neighbors.


Robotic vacuum cleaners have slowly carved out a niche in the market all their own. This may overwhelm the consumer to some degree because of the number of choices available, so do look into the information in the above buying guide for assistance in your decision-making process. We have also featured the best products in the paragraphs below for even more help.



Top 3 products 



iRobot Roomba R650020


1-irobot-roomba-650Easily making it to the top rated models in the best robotic vacuum cleaner reviews in 2018, the iRobot Roomba R650020 uses proprietary iAdapt Navigation, which employs a full host of sensors for navigating and adapting to the changing landscape of your home, such as when you rearrange furniture or move things around. This enables the unit to avoid getting stuck in the most unlikely places in the home, such as under a newly-bought chair’s narrow legs.

Moreover, the machine utilizes a smart 3-Stage Cleaning System that agitates and brushes dirt out and also suctions floors. In addition, you can conveniently schedule this robotic vacuum to do cleaning up to 7 times each week. Otherwise, you just need to press CLEAN on the machine and it goes about its cleaning job.

The robot is also designed to automatically dock and recharge when its battery runs low. Thanks to sophisticated technology, it is also able to adjust to all floor types, whether laminate, hardwood, tile, carpet or others.


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2-ilife-v3sEasily the best robotic vacuum cleaner for pet hair on the market, the ILIFE V3S04 is perfect for homes with pets. Employing pet hair care technology supplemented by its 3-inch slim body design, this robotic vacuum helps deliver thorough cleaning in every corner of the home, getting under objects that no full-size vacuum can easily access. It gets into hard-to-reach areas by itself, reducing the effort you have to use just to do everyday maintenance cleaning.

The machine produces around 55 decibels of low noise when running, so you won’t be bothered too much when you want to just put your feet up and read a book or watch TV while the machine does its job.

This model won’t be bumping around a lot or tumbling off steps or ledges easily thanks to its 14 sets of sensors, which also ensure that its internal circuitry doesn’t get damaged because of accidental drops. This model delivers Multi-floor surface cleaning powered by its fade-free battery.


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Anker RoboVac 10 AK-T2100111


3-anker-robovac-10If you’re looking for a cheap robotic vacuum cleaner, the Anker RoboVac 10 AK-T2100111 should be on top of your list. This machine is an automated house-cleaning robot that allows you to relax in a chair while it does the cleaning job. Utilizing cutting-edge technology, this model has gotten mostly positive feedback, testifying to its reliable performance and ability to get the job done efficiently.

Equipped with multiple cleaning modes, this robovac also enables scheduling for automatic cleaning to deliver thorough, hassle-free cleaning while you go about with your other tasks or simply relax on the couch. Thanks to its low-profile design, this robotic device is able to easily go under furniture to suck in dirt in hard-to-reach spots.

It even drives over objects up to 15 mm high, so it is easily able to go over rugs or cross to the next room over thresholds. Using a robust combination of a rolling brush, counter-rotating brushes and reliable suction capability, this robotic machine delivers a thorough cleaning result.


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