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A lightweight vacuum cleaner can help you clean around the house in-between cleanings, so your home is always nice and tidy. Such vacuum cleaners are great to have as secondary cleaning devices and because of their design, they can be stored upright, taking up very little space. If you are interested in getting the best lightweight vacuum cleaners in 2018, we put together a short and to the point buying guide to make your choice easier.



If you really want a lightweight vacuum cleaner that will get the job done fast and easy, you should look for a versatile model. That being said, the vacuum cleaner you will select should be capable of cleaning carpets, rugs, bare floors, upholstery and basically all around the house, so you can keep everything clean. Such models are readily available, so you only need to shop around. Another versatility trait to keep in mind is the ability to transform into a handheld vacuum when the need arises.



No vacuum cleaner can do a perfect cleaning job if there are no accessories included. Detail cleaning requires a special crevice tool, so it is a good idea to check the description of your preferred models to see if they come with such accessories attached.


Ease of use

It is quite important that your vacuum cleaner is easy to use. The best lightweight vacuum cleaners reviews in 2018 recommend getting a model that comes with an easy to release dirt cup, so you can empty it each time it is needed. This way, you will be able to go back to cleaning fast, or store away the vacuum cleaner for future uses. The model you choose should also be simple to manipulate, so that it does not strain your hands.

The best lightweight vacuum cleaners currently available are listed below.



Top 3 products



Dirt Devil SD20000RED 


1-dirt-devil-sd20000This vacuum cleaner will help you maintain your home clean and free of dust with great ease. It works on both carpets and bare floors with the same efficiency and you can clean stairs, as well. Because it is a bagless model, there are no extra costs for consumables of the kind.

The best part about this vacuum cleaner is that it can be easily turned from a stick model to a handheld model, allowing you to clean even the more difficult to reach places.

It also comes with a crevice tool for corners and narrow spaces. Detailed cleaning becomes a breeze and the 16 foot cord lets you move around with ease, and clean room after room.

The model is really lightweight, as it weighs just 3.8 pounds. The dirt cup is easy to empty, making this model one of the best rated lightweight vacuum cleaners.


Buy from for ($19.85)




VonHaus EPT2 


2-vonhaus-600wIf you are looking for a vacuum cleaner that lets you move from one room to another, without the need to plug and unplug too often, this one is a good pick, as it comes with a long 19 foot cord. The 1.2 liter dust cup makes sure you will not have to interrupt your cleaning to empty the cup. After you are done, you will only have to detach the dirt cup and empty it into a bin.

It must be mentioned that this model comes with a HEPA filter, so the air in your home will become more breathable and free of allergens.

This vacuum cleaner will definitely make a difference in the air quality in your household, which is why it is highly recommended by many.

Because it glides with ease over all kinds of surface and presents great suction power, it is a highly praised model.


Buy from for ($79.99)




Bissell 38B1 


3-bissell-lightweightOne of the recommended lightweight vacuum cleaners for the elderly, the Bissell 38B1 does a great job no matter where and how you use it. This 3-in-1 model is easy to convert from a stick vacuum to a handheld vacuum and a detail cleaning device, with the use of the included crevice tool.

You can use this model on carpets, floors, upholstery and even stairs with the same great results. Versatility is what makes this model stand out from the rest and earns it a place in our selection.

Weighing less than 4 pounds, this is an easy to use vacuum cleaner and it is indicated for seniors who need a cleaning tool that does not strain their hands and their back.

The 16 foot power cord lets you move around with ease, and clean your home without having to plug and unplug the vacuum cleaner all the time.


Buy from for ($44.99)




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