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Pets are part of a lot of people’s lives and they are great companions. While they are fun to play with and loyal, they tend to be messy and through no fault of their own. Any pet sheds hair, regardless of breed, and that leaves you with some heavy duty cleaning on your hands. The best way to clean a house with pets is by using a handheld vacuum cleaner that can reach everywhere. We want to show you how to identify the best hand vacuums for pet hair on the market.


Total weight

It is extremely important for handheld vacuum cleaners to be lightweight. If you are going to reach the furthest corners and places where pets love to hide, you will need a model that is easy to manipulate. Always read the specs, and make sure that the model you purchase will not strain your hands. A compact design also helps, as it will make it easier to guide through narrow places and clean thoroughly your entire house.


Deep suction power

Pet hair has the nasty habit of getting stuck to all the surfaces that happen to be touched by your little furry companions. A regular vacuum cleaner may not be able to do much, as a result, so you will definitely need a specialized tool. It is preferably that the model you choose has deep suction power, capable of catching all the hair and dragging it in.


Extra tools

Remember that pet hair can be found anywhere in a house where a cat or a dog is a member of the family. That means that you will have to clean pet hair from carpets, bare floors, from under the furniture, from upholstery and the like. It doesn’t hurt to have a wide range of extra tools, designed exactly to cater to such surfaces.

The best handheld vacuum cleaners for pet hair currently available are listed below.



Top 3 products



Shark Pet Perfect II SV780 


1-shark-sv780One of the best handheld vacuum cleaners for pet hair in 2018 is, without a doubt, the Shark Pet Perfect II SV780. This cordless model is a great tool for cleaning after your pets and for picking up small scale messes.

It does a great job at cleaning dirt and pet hair and it comes equipped with all the needed tools for a thorough job.

The motorized brush it comes equipped with is extra large and it can be detached so you can continue with your cleaning when reaching narrower spaces. Its lightweight design goes easy on your arms, so it will not be difficult to use it anytime the need arises.

You can even take it along on trips, as it can be as efficient in a full scale household, as well as a boat or an RV. The crevice tool is very handy and it helps you reach even the most difficult places.


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BISSELL Pet Hair Eraser 


2-bissell-1782The cordless design of this handheld vacuum cleaner helps you clean with ease all over the place without having to stumble on a cord. The deep suction power of this model guarantees that you will get the best results each and every time.

This model comes with a crevice tool that will reach deep in the corners and under furniture where dust bunnies and pet dander accumulates with ease. Another great accessory you will love having is the upholstery tool that gives your furniture the perfect makeover for perfect cleaning results.

The dirt bin is easy to empty, so you can use this cleaning tool for as long as you need. A dual action filtration system enhances the final results.

The best handheld vacuum cleaner reviews in 2018 are mentioning this model on top of their list, due to the great positive feedback it has received so far from buyers.


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Dyson V6 Top Dog 


3-dyson-v6The Dyson V6 Top Dog has made quite a name for itself, due to the great results you can achieve with it. The special Dyson technologies used to capture even the finest dust and the most lightweight pet dander and hair makes this product stand out.

Equipped with 15 cyclones, placed in such a fashion that airflow is greatly increased for the best suction possible, this model is sure to make your house clean and free of pet hair.

Many consider this the best cordless vacuum cleaner for pet hair and for all the right reasons.

When tougher cleaning tasks are ahead, you can use the mini-motorized tool and get rid of all the debris accumulated in your car or on the furniture. Providing 20 minutes of suction, this vacuum cleaner is ideal for cleaning pet hair.


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